Hulme graffiti event – Smear 1 – Bark Walk 1995
Written by Tony Kelzo on 16 April, 1995
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Hulme graffiti – Smear 1 graffiti event
Painted this piece at the Smear 1 graffiti event. The event was named after friend Craig Todd from Wilmslow who’s graffiti name was Smear, Craig was a lad who i had met in 1994 was a fan of my work and a great graffiti artist, one minute i am painting with him and then next min i get a phone call saying he has died from a peanut allergy at a family party in 1995. It left me stunned i was with him the day before it happened. I organised big graffiti parties in Hulme for 3 years 1995 – to 1998 in his memory, R.I.P Craig.


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