Hulme graffiti – Otterburn rooftop – 1995
Written by Tony Kelzo on 24 October, 1995
arooftop Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

Hulme graffiti – Otterburn rooftop. Before i started painting on the Otterburn close estate back in the mid 90′s i gave the estate a rooftop as a warning that i was on my way, ha ha. Woodcock square and Epping Walk were now buzzing with artwork but this estate was looking too clean, yuk. The grey box in the distance faced Bonsall street and i went and painted that as well so all the estates could see that ICA was in control and taking care of their community with artwork. I remember a friend of mine and his mum coming out of their flat and seeing me on the roof painting, they didnt know who it was so i let onto them, the lad was laughing but the door shut quickly.


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