Hulme graffiti – Epping Walk – 1993
Written by Tony Kelzo on 15 March, 1993
akelzo 93 Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

Hulme graffiti – Epping Walk. When i first started painting the estates in Hulme it was on Woodcock Square over near the Union Hall where Newcastle street meets Stretford road but there were hundreds of potential walls all over the estates stretching miles, the deck access flats and the crescents covered a square mile and 4 floors high. Hulme was a moody place at times due to the decline of people occupying the estates. This is Epping Walk park on Perryman close and blanshard Walk, this was about the 3rd painting i did on here whilst Peril ICA chilled watching. Graffiti was starting to appear all over the Woodcock Square estate and now onto Epping Walk, spreading like a colourful virus whilst the demolition squad were ready to start pulling parts of it down. kELzO


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