Hulme graffiti – Bark Walk – 1995
Written by Tony Kelzo on 17 November, 1995
aNigels Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

Hulme graffiti – Bark Walk. The Square again ( shops are to the left ) these flats are where we played football in the 80′s to the annoyance of the residents. In 1993 when the estates started to shut down the council started boarding up the flats and the garages across the bottom to keep drug addicts out as St Philips primary school is on the other side of this building. This was a great surface for us to paint out artwork. there was so many places to paint, we were not drug addicts we were graffiti addicts and no matter how fast the council boarded it up we were right behind them with paint. The building on the left is the back of the Union Hall church. kELzO


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