Hulme graffiti – Abduls shops – 1994
Written by Tony Kelzo on 11 March, 1994
akelzo drugs Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

Hulme graffiti – Abduls shops newsagents and grocery shop. The shop on the left with ‘ kELzO ‘ wrote across the front and Abdul’s newsagent on the right with ‘ Drugs ‘ wrote across the front. The estates were abandoned and squatters and drug addicts used the flats before demolition, the shops were open during the day but at night anything went down, drug dealing and robberies but good things too. The bars that stand in front of the shops were placed there in the early 80′s just after the Moss Side riots as someone drove a ford capri through the shops on the left. i wrote ” please dont ramraid my dub ” as it would have messed up my artwork. kELzO


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