Graffiti Hulme – Labour Club roof – 1996
Written by Tony Kelzo on 2 June, 1995
alabour club 2 Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

Graffiti Hulme – Labour Club roof, painted the old roof terrace of Hulme labour club, the paintings says Kayze, Shun and Elk. One of things i will always remember about this painting was it was the summer had to be the end of June, i turned round and saw this open air bus and on it was the Man United football team after a big parade through town into Heaton Park, they had won the double, they were at the lights waiting to turn onto Bonsall street, i shouted ” UNITED ” at them they all looked over at us stood on top of the abandoned building painting graffiti and holding cans in the air, they looked forward as if to say ” Get us the hell out of here “. Hulme was absolutely covered in graffiti by 1996, the whole place bombed up. It looked intimidating to outsiders but this was my turf and the place was full of great creative types, dont believe the hype ! kELzO


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