Hulme graffiti – Caravan – 1995
Written by Tony Kelzo on 9 April, 1995
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Hulme graffiti – Caravan
I painted the Blue sherpa van for friends as they were about to strip it down to use the chasis for a huge bonfire sculpture on wheels, anyway so i saw this caravan and asked this squatter guy on the 2nd floor above it ” Do you know who owns this caravan ? ” lad replied ” yeah its a friend’s “, ” Do you think they’ll let me paint it ? ” ” Yeah do it man they would love it ” so i started painting it, an hour later when i have almost finished this dreadlocked girl came flying over shouting ” whatya doing that’s mine ” – i told her the scenario and she was livid, she let me finish it, Oops.
Hulme Manchester


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