London Graffiti Art – BBC Eastenders – Albert Square 1998
Written by Tony Kelzo on 14 October, 1998
East1 Uk graffiti artist / Manchester graffiti Walls / kELzO©

London Graffiti Art – BBC Eastenders – Albert square 1998 Painted this piece of artwork in Albert Square, Walford, the fictional square in the BBC’s Eastenders. Painting was done by the character Jamie Mitchell in the storyline and i was asked to paint it for him. Also walked round the set ( which is monitored with 100′s of cctv cameras ) and dropped kELzO tags in a few places, one on Dot Cotton’s launderette door ( which has now gone ) and one next to Phil’s garage which still gets seen today in 2014. Did a few others but the cameras only ever set up in a few places. kELzO


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